The Richmond Marathon

Last weekend I (Nick) ran the Richmond Marathon in Virginia. Relatively flat and equipped with 3 party zones – the race attracted both new and veteran runners. This would be my first official sandal marathon.

Saturday morning 5,000 runners hit the pavement. 38 degrees F and numb toed, I was stoked to start moving. Throughout the race I ran alongside friends both new and old. For 6 six miles I got to know Bruce – a dude in his late 50’s who runs a marathon a weekend. Next weekend Bruce will travel to Philadelphia for his next 26.2 miles.  Meeting new people like Bruce, hearing their stories, and running with them for a few miles gave a sense of comradery to the race. It doesn’t hurt that my hot pink Bedrocks attracted some interest from other runners – you just cannot help but look and wonder – what the hell are those!

At mile 19 a good friend, Andrew, took the opportunity to hand me some high tech energy food from the sidelines. A hot dog! Miles from the finish I revved up the legs and Bedrocks – parting ways with the group. My jelly legs and feet barely kept me upright crossing the downhill finish at 3:20. Excited, exhausted, blistered, and sore I cannot wait for my next 26.2 miles.


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