Sandal Running: Arcata Community Forest

In 1955 the city of Arcata lassoed together over 2,000 acres of Redwoods to create the Community Forest. Founded upon the ideas of communal city ownership and shared use, the forest stands as both a natural and cultural landmark of Northern California. Nick and I created Bedrock Sandals during runs here.

The Community Forest gives barefoot runners the chance to get lost in big trees for a while.

Nick often invents new trails which sometimes involve Redwood.

Only a five minute jog from the Bedrock HQ, it’s practically in our backyard. Who’s in for a run break- I mean lunch break.

The Redwoods act as an umbrella over much of the forest making it a welcome relief during the rainy season. Something to look forward to in the winter months ahead.


One Comment on “Sandal Running: Arcata Community Forest”

  1. OMA says:

    beautiful trees-looks like FUN

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