Ultra Marathon Running: Naresh Kumar

Naresh rockin’ Olive Drab Earthquake Sandals 

Over the past month Naresh Kumar has been running and testing our new Earthquake sandal model.  Naresh, a barefoot ultra-marathon runner, completed the Tennessee 500k last July. Naresh’s  2011 race schedule pushes the limits of human abilities. This dude is superhuman.

A few questions for Naresh:

1.  How many ultra-marathons have you finished?


2.  Marathons?


3.  The best race of your life?

       The Last Annual Vol State 500K Road Race – A race across the state of TN in July heat.

4.  How did you get into barefoot running?

       I ran my first two marathons in shoes and it hurt real bad. That’s when I made the switch. I have been running barefoot or in minimalist shoes ever since.



One Comment on “Ultra Marathon Running: Naresh Kumar”

  1. Tyrone says:

    Cool blog!

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