Our Story: From Kickstarter to Virginia

Nick cutting out stickers for our Kickstarter Backers.

Bedrock Sandals began with two friends excited about geology and running sandals. Out in Northern California volunteering for a year long Americorps project, Nick and I (Dan) formed our friendship by running trails in homemade Do It Yourself (DIY) huarache sandals. Unsatisfied with the DIY designs we found on Youtube, we decided to make our own. What started as a small hobby quickly grew into a passion. We brainstormed design ideas, built them into our sandals, and took to testing on the trails. All the while we documented our findings through our running blog.

Last June ’11 we launched Bedrock Sandals on Kickstarter.  Overwhelmed by support and enthusiasm, we  put our heads down and hands to work building the first official batch of 273 Bedrock Sandals. Since then we have continued to evolve our sandal designs based on feedback from our customers, family, and friends. Got something to say?  Call us at 1-800-833-7965. We’d love to hear from you.

This winter we officially relocated our operations to Harrisonburg, Virginia where we continue to build Bedrock Sandals for direct sale through our website and retail outlets. Stay tuned for posts on the Bedrock Trail Marathon coming up on May 12th.


One Comment on “Our Story: From Kickstarter to Virginia”

  1. OMA says:

    Dan – Terrific story and I like the format. Stay in touch.

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