The Bedrock Trail Marathon

Growing up in Charlottesville, VA, Bedrock Sandaler Nick Pence spent much of his youth in Walnut Creek Park. Located in the hilly Piedmont region of Virginia, the trails offer up enticing running and mountain biking. Nick, an avid mountain biker as well as trail runner, finished his first MTB race here at age 12.  Distracted by the rolling hills (that can sometimes feel like mountains), he was stoked to eventually find his way to the finish line. Since then Nick likes to call this park home.

Why is Bedrock Sandals hosting a trail run? In short we want to create an annual event that brings the community together for a fun and friendly trail run in our favorite Virginia park. In doing so we will donate race proceeds to 1% for the Planet – a environmental non-profit dedicated to conserve and restore our natural resources. Win for Virginia trail running and the planet!

When we decided we wanted to host a trail run Nick immediately began charting the course through Walnut Creek Park. The ~13.1 mile course loops its way around the entire park, beginning and ending in a main picnic area. Along the way we will have two first aid and food stations to make sure everyone’s healthy and fed. Half marathoners complete the course loop once and full marathoners twice. We are working with local running store companies to provide prizes for our race winners, those with the goofiest outfits, and the youngest runners. Our very own Bedrock Sandals + Ninja socks will be among the prizes.

Come join us May 12th for a fun day in the Walnut Creek Park trails!


2 Comments on “The Bedrock Trail Marathon”

  1. Donna DeGroat says:

    This is such a great idea. Walnut Creek is such a great park. I was around when the trails were in their infancy and I have seen the trail system come such a long way. I’ll put this on my calendar and I’ll be sure to be out there to say hi to Nick.

  2. admin says:


    Thanks for the kind words – the trails there are great and maintained so well. We will see you at the run!


    Nick and Dan

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