Earthquake Strap Upgrades

Over the past month we have slightly modified the design and construction of our rubber Earthquake Strap. Orders placed in the past 2-3 weeks have gotten the upgrades. We made these changes for several important reasons.

1. Address issues of the rubber bike tube breaking out of its sleeve.
2. Eliminate any foot slide towards the back of the sandal during wet, muddy uphill runs.
3. Make it easier for people to center the rubber on their heel.

To address these issues we have lengthened the amount of bike tube rubber we use on the heel of the Earthquake strap. A longer piece of rubber means more adjustability on the heel strap and less stress on its sleeve connections. To boot we’re now using stronger recycled bike tube rubber coupled with a durable elastic fabric backing and a more bombproof construction process connecting the rubber to the sleeves.

We guarantee satisfaction to all our customers – past, present, future. So if you’ve had issues with your EQ strap we’ll fix it for free. Not only that but we’ll hook you up with a free shipping label to send your sandals into the shop for the upgrade. Take us up on the offer and email 

Oh yeah did we mention all our standard sized sandals now have our logo engraved. More info to come in our next blog post!


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