The Bedrock Tarahumara Seeds Initiative

We’re excited to announce our partnership with our southern friends at the Barefoot Farm! The Barefoot Farm is an non-profit organic farm located in North Carolina that uses 100% of all farm proceeds and donations to support the Tarahumara with native maize and bean seeds, tools, and micro-farm loans.

Will Harlan co-founded The Barefoot Farm after his experience winning the Copper Canyon Ultra-marathon in 2009. Inspired by the legendary Taruhamara ultra runner, Arnulfo Quimare, Will decided to emulate his hero by dedicating himself to others.

Deeply inspired by the Tarahumara ourselves, we asked Will how Bedrock Sandals could help his efforts in the Copper Canyon. For each pair of sandals sold through our website we will make a contribution to the Barefoot Farm’s Tarahumara Seed Fund. The funds we donate from each pair sold will provide a Tarahumara family about a month’s supply of food from native maize and bean seeds. Learn more here.

Will Harlan and Mickey Mahaffey from Barefoot Farm will deliver the seed packets once or twice a year, typically in the spring, before planting season, by driving them through villages in a pickup truck. These guys dedicate their lives to helping the Tarahumara preserve their rich culture, traditions, and running customs – we are happy to give all we can to support their cause.

El Chivo Documentary Trailer from 614 Films (Rod Murphy) on Vimeo.

Over the next month the Bedrock team will be heading down to the Barefoot Farm to get our hands dirty. Can’t wait – pictures to come!


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