Bedrock Marathon + Happenings

New Rugged black straps

We’ve been hard at work this past month building sandals and hosting our trail marathon in Charlottesville, VA. We will be making the trail run into an annual event  – so if you missed it – come out next year! Look for some new adventure trail races we’ll be hosting in the future (think long water + rapids crossings – perfect for sandals!).

We got new rugged black straps pictured above (1/2” wide but stiffer) into the shop which have quickly become a favorite. The Fox Trot Running store (Duncansville, PA) and Sole Source (Harrisonburg, VA) are now stocking them! If you live nearby check em’ on out!

Trophies for the Winners of the Bedrock Trail Marathon / Half

Hanging out after the race

Bedrock Sandals Prize Table!

Sandals going out to Fox Trot Running Store!


One Comment on “Bedrock Marathon + Happenings”

  1. Jeff Gallup says:

    Heel strap works great!

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