Bedrock Trail Kits

Over the past several months we’ve helped sandal wearers with re-burning their nylon plugs when they’ve worn out after a few hundred miles. Although possible to remelt the bottoms of the nylon straps with matches or a lighter it can be difficult to do in a pinch (middle of the woods).

We’ve decided to create simple lightweight repair kits to replace worn out plugs on the go. We’re giving these out for free to any and all existing customers interested. All new customers will receive a kit along with their sandals.

The kit contains one pair of nylon plugs, black fabric tape, black thread, a sewing needle, and a strip of fine grained sand paper. The kit ingredients enable sandalers to bond a new plug to their old thong strap in around 5 minutes.

Steps (shown in video above):
Lace a replacement plug through the thong strap hole. Then temporarily bond the old thong strap to the replacement plug with the black fabric tape. Next use the thread and needle to sew back and forth along the tape square – permanently attaching the new replacement plug to the old thong strap. Then use the sand paper to cut the thread once knotted. Once done you’ll have a brand new plug.

Black Fabric Tape, Black Thread, a sewing needle, and sand paper.

Replacement nylon strap plugs with a recycled bike tube elastic band.


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