Bedrock Trail Marathon / Half Marathon Results

Men’s Trail Marathon

Time Bib# First Last
3:32:07 379 Jack Marmorstein
3:40:12 369 Scott Adams
4:44:51 370 Joe Baldwin
4:50:14 371 Jerry Ballard
5:25:53 374 Aaron Proden

Women’s Trail Marathon

Time Bib# First Last
4:17:31 375 Grace Ranson
6:13:21 378 Amy Williams
6:13:21 372 Holly McFeely

Men’s Trail Half Marathon

Time Bib# First Last
1:30:39 226 Jeremy Hutchison-Krupat
1:35:56 239  Wes Radetsky
1:36:16 242 John Sargent
1:45:45 243 Troy Siemers
1:46:08 246 Jordan Vaughn
1:46:35 220 Alan Dyer
1:51:32 241 Topher Royer
1:51:50 216 Tom Connaughton
2:04:31 228 Samuel Kistner
2:08:11 245 Jason Varsoke
2:13:12 212 Eric Alves
2:13:49 249 John Kovaleski
2:14:39 215 Marcus Carpenter
2:14:42 227 Luke Johnston
2:18:50 252 Simon Cockayne
2:48:14 218 Kevin Cox
3:15:20 223 Philip Halapin

Women’s Trail Half Marathon

Time Bib# First Last
1:56:24 240 Anne Rindge
1:56:43 229 Elizabeth Kurland
1:57:54 248 Taylor Price
1:59:01 233 Niki Orebaugh
2:01:01 285 Mary Nelson
2:01:02 231 Kaitlyn McQuade
2:04:04 213 Alison Atkins
2:05:00 214 Amy Betcher
2:06:50 232 Lorraine Moore
2:09:02 225 Valerie Huczko
2:09:40 237 Adalie Pierce-McManamon
2:09:41 217 Lauren Connor
2:09:42 224 Alison Hirsch
2:13:49 221 Brittany Dyer
2:15:15 244 Carole Spoth
2:15:15 247 York Woodsmall
2:17:29 251 Dorothy Nugent
2:19:09 222 Kerrie Faust
2:25:30 234 Randie Orr
2:34:22 253 Elena Andreena
2:34:35 286 Kylie Thorpe
2:48:34 230 Jennifer Love
2:48:44 219 Christelle Douillet
2:50:25 236 Caterina Phillips


Our Trail Run this Saturday, May 12th

Today the Bedrock crew ran our half marathon trail loop prepping for our race this Saturday, May 12th. A couple nice stream crossings, fun rolling hills, and big lake smack dab in the center – that’s Walnut Creek Park outside of Charlottesville, VA. Check out our events page to learn more and register!

Spring Sandal Making

With spring well on its way we’re busy making earthquake sandals.

The Bedrock chicken, Mae, patrolling HQ and providing Bedrock sandalers with an egg a day.

Getting ready for our trail run this Saturday! Check it out on our events page.

The Bedrock Tarahumara Seeds Initiative

We’re excited to announce our partnership with our southern friends at the Barefoot Farm! The Barefoot Farm is an non-profit organic farm located in North Carolina that uses 100% of all farm proceeds and donations to support the Tarahumara with native maize and bean seeds, tools, and micro-farm loans.

Will Harlan co-founded The Barefoot Farm after his experience winning the Copper Canyon Ultra-marathon in 2009. Inspired by the legendary Taruhamara ultra runner, Arnulfo Quimare, Will decided to emulate his hero by dedicating himself to others.

Deeply inspired by the Tarahumara ourselves, we asked Will how Bedrock Sandals could help his efforts in the Copper Canyon. For each pair of sandals sold through our website we will make a contribution to the Barefoot Farm’s Tarahumara Seed Fund. The funds we donate from each pair sold will provide a Tarahumara family about a month’s supply of food from native maize and bean seeds. Learn more here.

Will Harlan and Mickey Mahaffey from Barefoot Farm will deliver the seed packets once or twice a year, typically in the spring, before planting season, by driving them through villages in a pickup truck. These guys dedicate their lives to helping the Tarahumara preserve their rich culture, traditions, and running customs – we are happy to give all we can to support their cause.

El Chivo Documentary Trailer from 614 Films (Rod Murphy) on Vimeo.

Over the next month the Bedrock team will be heading down to the Barefoot Farm to get our hands dirty. Can’t wait – pictures to come!

Our New Engraved Sandals

We are excited to officially announce that all our standard sized sandals are now machine cut and engraved with our logo. Kicking off spring with a big upgrade in aesthetics for the same price as our old sandals. Now get outside and enjoy the warm weather!

Earthquake Strap Upgrades

Over the past month we have slightly modified the design and construction of our rubber Earthquake Strap. Orders placed in the past 2-3 weeks have gotten the upgrades. We made these changes for several important reasons.

1. Address issues of the rubber bike tube breaking out of its sleeve.
2. Eliminate any foot slide towards the back of the sandal during wet, muddy uphill runs.
3. Make it easier for people to center the rubber on their heel.

To address these issues we have lengthened the amount of bike tube rubber we use on the heel of the Earthquake strap. A longer piece of rubber means more adjustability on the heel strap and less stress on its sleeve connections. To boot we’re now using stronger recycled bike tube rubber coupled with a durable elastic fabric backing and a more bombproof construction process connecting the rubber to the sleeves.

We guarantee satisfaction to all our customers – past, present, future. So if you’ve had issues with your EQ strap we’ll fix it for free. Not only that but we’ll hook you up with a free shipping label to send your sandals into the shop for the upgrade. Take us up on the offer and email 

Oh yeah did we mention all our standard sized sandals now have our logo engraved. More info to come in our next blog post!

It’s Official – We Guarantee your Satisfaction.

When we started building sandals for people in June 11′ we set a few goals.

1. Create quality sandals in the USA that enable people to run, hike, and walk with a true barefoot feel.

2. Treat our customers like friends and family. If something disastrous happens to your sandals (i.e. they break unexpectingly) we work with you to fix it. If you need help with running in sandals – we lend our ears and offer advice!  (Call us anytime toll free 1-800-833-7965).

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with Bedrock Sandals. If within 30 days you are not satisfied with a standard sized pair contact us with your issue. If there’s no way we can help, ship your sandals back to us and we will issue you a refund. If after 30 days you have an issue beyond normal wear and tear we will work with you to find a solution. It is that simple.