Bedrock Photo Round-up

Over the past year we collected lots (too many) Bedrock photos. We did some spring cleaning and dusted a few off for the blog. Do you have any Bedrock photos of your own? Email them to me at or post them on our facebook wall. We’d love to seem them – plus submitters will get one of our new die-cut stickers in the mail.

Nick at Tough Mudder Virginia

Kicking back in the van post run

Nick at the helm, Richmond Marathon

Olive drab earthquake sandals after a run in Arizona

Fly fishing in Northern California

A store in Japan!


Stories from the Trail: Tahoe

This past summer the Bedrock team headed to the Sierra Nevadas. Just south of Lake Tahoe, we followed route 4 through high altitude passes and empty trail heads.

Along the way we did cross fit workouts, explored trout streams, and ran to remote glacial lakes.

Yellow military straps, Bedrock Sandals.

This scree trail led us to a thick snow field.

Snow tested.

The technical trails gave us the opportunity to test different sandal straps and vibram soles. Next summer we’ll be back for another trip.

Stories from the Trail: Glacier National Park

Over the summer the Bedrock crew headed inland to explore the precipitous trails and blue ribbon trout streams of Montana. Glacier National Park , located in far north-west Montana, is home to 25 active glaciers, grizzly bears, and wolf packs. Even during the late summer months the threat of snow never retreats. Wildlife frequent the trails more than humans and most trout have never seen an artificial fly. Glacier is wild.

Nick planned to take an 18 mile trail run this day but mother nature decided otherwise. At about the halfway mark, a large bear laid down on the narrow trail. In what he thought was a clever move, Nick grabbed a stick to make himself appear bigger and badder than the bear. It stood up on its hind legs and groaned. Twice Nick’s height and an order of magnitude heavier, it did not have to try hard to scare the living #$#@ out of him. Man is no god in Glacier.

Geologists travel from afar to study rocks at Glacier. Some of the oldest sedimentary rocks in the world host world class fossils.

Glacial lakes dot the park and mother several species of wild Cutthroat and Rainbow trout.

The afternoon Nick fought his bear I caught fish. A cutthroat caught on an elk hair caddis dry fly.

Nick trying out his Bedrock’s in the glacial snow. A bit cold but better than running in shoes.

Bedrock Trails: Rockies

In September the Bedrock team traveled through parts of the Rocky Mountains. We got a chance to run and fly fish across Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. Over the coming week I will post more photos and stories from our mountain travels.

Black mil-spec straps after a run off I-40, Nevada.